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African youth Delegation Visit AOE

Lieutenant general, “Abdel Moneim El-Terras,” President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the importance of implementing the assignments of President “Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi” to enhance the role of African youth to assume leadership and executive positions, stressing that Arab Industrialization puts all its expertise and human and technological capabilities to serve our African continent.

The “Terrace” expressed its pride in visiting the African youth delegation as an opportunity to enhance the true image of the capabilities of the Egyptian industry and support the relations between Egypt and its African brothers, stressing that Arab Industrialization welcomes the reception of students from African youth to train in its production units.

This came within the framework of the visit of the 40 African youth delegates to implement a training program on solar cells and energy conservation.

The meeting covered a review of the history of the establishment of Arab Industrialization and its national role as one of the results of the October war victories, and its role in meeting the needs of Arab and African brothers from the defense and civil industries, and referring to the Arab Organization for Industrialization strategy to train human cadres and deepen local manufacturing and transfer and localization of modern technology in partnership with major international companies in Many areas of industry, including defense industries, armored vehicles, renewable energy, telecommunications, electronics and tablets, digital transformation, drinking water and sewage purification plants, and electrical transmission projects EBay smart, rail cars, and the field of LED bulbs water conservation, energy, office furniture and other areas of comprehensive development.

Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, Director General of the Arab Organization for Industrialization was keen to open an open dialogue with African youth, in which he indicated that Arab Industrial is one of the castles of industry thanks to the efforts of its children over generations, stressing that the organization puts all its expertise and human and technological capabilities to cooperate and partner with our brothers On the African continent, exchanging experiences and training African brothers in many manufacturing fields.

He added that the Arab Organization for Industrialization supports renewable energy projects in the countries of the African continent, during the Egyptian Development Initiative in the Nile Basin countries, pointing to the organization’s keenness to establish terminals operating in the photovoltaic cells system, exchanging experiences and training technical workers in the African continent on maintenance and continuous follow-up.

The Director General of the Authority also pointed out the importance of providing all forms of support, rehabilitation and training to African youth and empowering them in leadership positions and benefiting from their capabilities, pointing out that the Arab Organization for Industrialization has a long and strong record of cooperation with the countries of the African continent during the past years, which is the result of the interest of the Egyptian political leadership and its eagerness to return Relations with Africa back to time.

After inspecting the exhibition of products of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the delegation of the African trainees went to visit the Arab Company for Renewable Energy, which is affiliated with Arab Industrialization, where they inspected the solar plant with a capacity of (1) megawatts and witnessed the latest production lines of solar panels and wind energy blades, which are not less than those of the latest factories globally, The African youth delegation expressed their admiration for the various products of the authority and its manufacturing capabilities for technology development in scientific methods to achieve the highest rates of local manufacturing and transfer and localization of technology in cooperation with international experiences, praising the efforts of President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi” to build bridges of Alto Pray and cooperation with the African brothers and to promote trade and the return of Egyptian-African relations golden outdated.

Press Release

Uzzal Hossan Khan

Special Correspondent, MENA Region.
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