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AOI supports research projects with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim El-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, received Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and the accompanying delegation, to discuss supporting local manufacturing and providing a competitive Egyptian product based on technical and technological knowledge generated from applied research projects and innovations.

The talks dealt with the Arab vision for industrialization regarding deepening local industrialization, training of human cadres, support for research projects and applicable industrial innovation to serve the various manufacturing sectors.

They discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation in the field of medical and scientific devices in order to encourage the application of scientific research outputs, deepen local industrialization, integrate efforts with each other, build on existing capabilities and expertise, and make good use of available assets.

The two parties also discussed one of the fruits of this joint cooperation in the field of supporting the local component of medical and scientific devices, supporting and activating Egyptian innovations to reach the stage of production and trying to find innovative solutions based on a sound scientific basis that are applicable to some of the problems facing the national industry and production in general, support for community innovation and encourage the establishment of Small and medium industries based on innovation and sustainable development and working to inform and encourage investment agencies and institutions on how to adopt and embrace innovations in various fields, as the Arab Organization for Industrialization contributed to work on the experimental part, quantitative production and marketing to bring the device to the highest stage that an Egyptian respirator could reach.

Within the framework of the discussions, it was agreed to launch a national competition to select the best graduation projects for final year students and to award them a financial prize through one of the academy’s largest programs, the Graduation Project Support Program, which is the main base for most of the Academy’s programs.

The “Terrace” stressed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives regarding the importance of investing in the Egyptian mind and supporting youth creativity in a way that achieves leadership and precedence in the fields of science and technology, pointing out that Egyptian universities and scientific research academies were and will remain factories of minds on which the progress of societies is built.

The “Terrace” praised the technology incubators program (Intilaq) and the Business Accelerators 101 adopted by the Academy of Scientific Research, stressing the importance of

Linking scientific research with industry and the production of new technologies by participating in these specialized programs that contribute significantly to developing innovative solutions to various challenges in the economic and industrial sectors targeted by Egypt Vision 2030.

He added that any serious attempt to develop and develop the local industry must be based on scientific research, and Arab Industrialization pays great attention to any new technological innovation that serves the industry, at a time when the Academy of Scientific Research has many patents and advanced research projects, and we hope that this cooperation will result in product development. And its designs are inside the Egyptian factories, according to which it reduces dependence on imports, increases exports and saves foreign currency.

For his part, praised Dr. Mahmoud Saqr praised the training programs and the huge technological and industrial capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressing that the authority has succeeded in transferring and localizing technology to the Egyptian industry in the various fields of industry in accordance with international quality standards.

Saqr stressed the interest of the Academy of Scientific Research with all state institutions to achieve cooperation and integration between research and academic institutions and industrial institutions, which is the approach adopted by the Academy and known in the media as “technological alliances.”

As Dr. “Mahmoud Saqr” In this context, the Academy launched a program to support technological alliances to link research institutions and universities with the industrial community and civil society institutions, stressing the program’s reliance on sound scientific methods based on the experiences and experiences of developed countries.

Press Release

Uzzal Hossan Khan

Special Correspondent, MENA Region.
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