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The Role of African Women in Development between Reality and Hope

In the opening of the African Women's Empowerment Forum

Ladies and Gentlemen Honored African Egyptians and non-Egyptians guest Egyptians are African originally, geographically and historically. Besides, we are partners of the same aim and destiny. Ladies members of the African Women’s Club of the African Assembly National Committee of the African Union and women colleagues members of Secretariat for Women in the party. Wish a great time to all of you.

The path of African women in the African development corridor has always been between challenges and steadfastness, a path full of success I have often been attracted to many and many observations during my transition across the various African countries. Much to me stay in my mind and soul was the role or African women in building societies and pushing the progress of people.

At this high-level gathering, I am speaking to you in response to what I have seen and realized from the concrete reality of the effective and leading role and of women in Africa. I mean women throughout the continent for example but not limited Sudanese… Moroccan, Kenyan, Egyptian, Tanzanian Or Chadian women.

African woman faces different kind and limit of challenges. She is always in the forefront, fighting ignorance, extremism, poverty and different environmental factors. They carry their children over her shoulders and hold her husband hand in hand. Besides, bearing in her mind the concerns of the homeland and the dream of progress and. You would find in the Egyptian women as a role model as she presented to her country throughout history her best efforts, work and fight for her country.

Ladies and gentle men Woman in Africa presents in every field. Starting with the army and police to agriculture, mining, even teaching, medicine, and scientific research. She is also Minister, ambassador, parliamentarian, doctor, president of the republic and even commander of a heavy vehicle or equipment in a mine or construction site. Ladies and gentle men Africa, the continent of virginity, with it is good, wealth and forests, has in decades turned into a graveyard of death, a source of corruption, a place of conflict, wars, and coups. It has become a big pawn for major financial institutions and a huge market for Western products. These are major transformations occurred in the Dark Continent. This is clear in indicators and previous numbers, reaching 22 million deaths from HIV, 36 million HIV infections and three hundred and thirty billion dollars of debt, all this happened in the absence of the world.

Africa has entered about 110 conflicts, wars, and coups, which calls for a question about underlying causes of the tragedies and backwardness of the continent. Under all these conditions, African woman has been the first payer and debtor to pay all the bills of these wars and conflicts. Finally, there is no future for Africa in general and Egypt in particular without a strong influential woman, but there is no strong African woman without progress, development, education and strong support from states and governments.

In addition, partners of society and development, the men, shall understand and appreciate.

Speeches by : Ramy Zohdy, Egyptian Politician and Social Worker 

Press Release

Uzzal Hossan Khan

Special Correspondent, MENA Region.
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